f:Countless Deformations

This interactive dance performance was created through the collaboration with Dr.Katrin Leschke and her research on minimal surface theory. It is part of the Maths Meets Arts collaborative & Tiger Team project at the University of Leicester. f:Countless Deformations proposes an open dialogue between the languages of algebra, dance, sound and motion sensing while looking for physical manifestations of mathematical processes behind minimal surface creation. One dancer, one musician and one digital artist co-exist in a space where members of the audience are able to shape the choreography by choosing mathematical propositions which performers use as improvisation formulas. The choreography, sound and light are thus put together as pieces of a puzzle with audience members experiencing the process of composition while having the time to explore key mathematical ideas concepts. The work seeks to re- think & re-imagine the body as brain and bring to life the workbook of a mathematician.

Live sound & music: LEE BOYD ALLATSON,

Motion Sensing Technology: BALANDINO DIDONATO 

Performance & Choreography: CHLOE ALIGIANNI

This work is part of an ongoing collaboration for both educational and artistic outcomes through the conversation of disciplines.

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