by Jennie Buckman / Giants Theatre Company

The Hope Theatre

Movement Director

H E L L O  A G A I N

by Michael John LaChiusa/ PlayPen Productions

The Hope Theatre

Movement Director

collaboration with artist Alicia Paz

Chisenhale Art Place / Wimbledon College of Art


collaboration with artist Nicola Dale

Standpoint Futures residency (Chisenhale Art Place)


by Simon Blake

adapted from the short story by Charle's Dickens 

Crowley & Co.'s VAULT Festival Takeover


collaboration with Georgia Tegou

Summer Streets Festival, Regent Street, London


 collaboration intensive between 15 London  dance artists

Greenwich Dance Agency

Lustrumer / Performer

collaboration with Stelios Kyriakidis

Musichoreography - duets for dancers and instrumentalists

King's Place

Choreographer / Performer


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