Space Cadet

(in progress)

A look into the magic of cosmic exploration and discovery this solo dance performance takes the audience on a poetic journey alongside an archetypical explorer. Faced with the urge to look into the unknown the genderless figure journeys through landscapes crisscrossing earthly and ethereal spheres, from the internal to the external. Using movement, light, sound and a transformable set, the performance space and dancer are constantly transported into places and cover large distances while staying in a seemingly confined space. Why are we pulled to explore? Is there a limit? Where is home?

- currently under development-

Choreography/Direction/Sound: Chloe Aligianni

Lighting Design: Anna Sbokou - AS LIGHT

Set: XWorks

Science team: Mindy Howard (Innerspace Training) Athanassios Akylas (National Observatory of Athens), Manos Kitsonas (Eugenides Foundation Planetarium), Dr.Katrin Leschke (University of Leicester),

The Croft Residency - transparent_The Cr

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